What is the Secret to Affiliate Marketing?

Hint: Its initials are SM and You are Already Using It!

Affiliate marketing can get you some big bucks, but many of those who start working as affiliate marketers just want to become overnight millionaires without implementing a strategy or shedding any sweat. There is no such thing as a get rich scheme with affiliate marketing.

With the boom in social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), several businesses have found new income streams. However, this method is still not utilized to its potential by many affiliate marketers. In this post, we are going to discover some of the proven techniques to get your affiliate marketing business rolling using social media. Even if you are limited in your knowledge and experience, this article will give you a guideline to follow and potentially make more money in the process.

It’s All About Relevance:

This is of huge importance. You must need to have a relevant social media page and relevant products. Simple as that. Straying from this path is like playing with fire. First of all, you need to pick up a niche and start building a page on it. It can be a micro niche or a macro one, but you need to start researching on what your audience likes and interacts with most after first five to ten posts.

Once you start delivering content which the audience loves, you will start getting more organic followers which are of the utmost importance in this business. With the wheel rolling in your favor, you can set up more social media pages on other platforms as well and get your organic followers to share your page with their friend lists.  social media image

With the audience in your hand, you now have to start looking for relevant affiliate programs for your niche. Do not choose products which you think your customers won’t like to view on the page, even if it comes with a 90% commission. A 5% commission product which the customers like will be more useful than the 90% commission product which doesn’t sell. after all.

No matter how many products you find which can fit into your web page, you should not make the mistake of turning it into an advertisement wall. Remember that your page is as good as the content in it. People will keep coming back if you provide high-quality content, with limited but similarly high-quality affiliate products related to the content.

You Need to Test:

This is where you know whether a product is a winner or not. Once you sign up with the affiliate programs, you should select a number of products instead of only one or two. Remember that putting all your eggs in one basket (product) will ultimately take you out of the game. Many a time you might think that an audience will love a product but it isn’t the case; vice versa is also true. So by testing several products you can provide many choices to the audience.

While testing, you need to ensure that you have all the products linked with a tracker. A clean redirecting link is also social media widgetsviewed more positively by the users compared to an awkward-looking super long link. The tracker will allow you to analyze and optimize your campaigns. You can make use of a program like Excel to keep track of all the statistics. You should collect as much data as you can. No information in this business is

No information in this business is useless, if you have the right perspective. Some types of data you must collect are getting the time of post, type of post, cost of the product and social network shares. The analyzes and optimization can be painstakingly long but once you have the statistics of what makes a particular product successful or not, you are going to be able to scale high and make more profit.

Get Leverage from Reviews:

Once you have a set of happy customers, it would be great to get reviews and testimonies from them. This is integral for increasing your sale and is simple, especially if you are really selling a good product. You may test different styles of reviews and see which ones bring more conversions.  This is where you get credibility that you can leverage.

What more? You can set up a review section on your page for continuous ratings.

List Building is Critical:

This is the golden egg. This is what you want to get after all the hard work. Many people make a career off list building so you can only imagine the power it has. Once you get people to sign up off your social media page, you get their email addresses which serve as your gateway to loyal fans who trust you.

You know what these people like and dislike. You know how much money they usually spend. Using this, you can send them affiliate emails containing high-quality offers. This doesn’t even have to be a

You know what these people like and dislike. You know how much money they usually spend. Using this, you can the power of social mediasend them affiliate emails containing high-quality offers. This doesn’t have to be a one-off email, but I recommend you create  a series of emails linking up the offers on the table.

Meanwhile, you should also get an email client which can work with affiliate marketing. Mailchimp and Aweber are good examples. These will even send your emails as a post to your social media accounts.

Not only are emails effective in list building, you can even duplicate audience for your post advertisements on social media websites. Facebook is great at this. This means that the algorithm itself will discover similar type of viewers for your product increasing the chances of conversion.

Rise-Rinse-And-Repeat – (NOT):

Many affiliate marketers make the mistake of just repeating the same procedures they learned the first time for every niche they invest in. That is  flat out wrong.  The great thing about different niches is the different mindset of the audience.  While one strategy might be on point and applauded by a set of audience, it might backfire when displayed to another group.

You need to start from ground zero and then move up for every niche. While this may seem too hard and slow, the truth is that once you are successful you already know if you are taking the right steps or not and, hence, starting again will not be full of doubts and risks of losses.


Affiliate marketing is a business which has taken rags to riches and vice versa. It is a dynamic industry with everyone trying to become the best player. So you must remember to be smart – smart in page building, product selection and every other related aspect of this business.

Keep yourself updated and never slack. The strategies mentioned above have been successful for several affiliate advertisers who are now making hundreds and thousands of dollars each day. You can be one, too!

Best of Luck!


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What is the Secret to Affiliate Marketing?

6 thoughts on “What is the Secret to Affiliate Marketing?

  • February 14, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    Thanks for this very informative article about affiliate marketing. I really learned a lot from this one especially that you pointed out that every niche is not the same. Even though I already made a successful niche, it is not assured that the things that I have done in it will work for the next niche that I will be doing. So where did you learn all of this? Do you have any programs or school that you went to learn everything that you have shared?

    • February 14, 2016 at 10:43 pm


      I would highly recommend that you look into Wealthy Affiliate University…they are a tremendous resource! You can see my review of WA on my site.


  • October 19, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    I always thought this subject would be an incredibly difficult one to get into successfully – I mean, how many people are out there trying to market these days?
    Do you feel there is still room for newcommers to internet marketing? Do you feel there is still a chance to build up a successful online business or is it too diluted?

    • October 24, 2016 at 7:37 pm

      Good question Chris! Yes, affiliate marketing is alive and well! The secret is finding a niche that is unique and compelling. It’s hard work, but its well worth it!


  • August 24, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    “What’s the Secret To Affiliate Marketing?” That’s a very interesting title for your post. It caught my eye, being someone who does affiliate marketing, but currently struggling to make it all come together and profitable.

    It’s certainly no get rich quick scheme, that’s for sure. It definitely takes time and work.

    You make some really interesting points, especially about different niches requiring different approaches.

    • August 24, 2017 at 3:12 pm

      I have come to this conclusion Darren…work hard, be focused on adding value, and the rest falls into place!


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