Social Media Tools That Strengthen  Affiliate Marketing

I have been thinking a lot about how powerful social media is to affiliate marketing. I like to think about it this way…

Social Media = Virtual Communities = People on a Mission to Solve a Problem + Are Passionate About the Topic = Timely and Relevant Content = $$$$$

8583949219_f55657573e_mThat said, I want to share with you some tools that I have used in my professional life that have really been very helpful.

1. – This tool does a real time media search across all social channels and provides some good analytics. I recommend this as a good place to start.


2. Alltop.comThis is a pretty good tool for tracking different topics.


3. – This tool helps you find experts on your area of interest. Maybe you can find some folks who could do guest blogs on your site?

I hope you find these tools as useful as I do!  I will keep adding to the list by category each week.