UPDATED REVIEW:  July 27, 2016

Review of GetPaid.Social:  Get Paid to Do Online Tasks

Get Paid Social logo

Name: GetPaid.Social

Website:  GetPaid.Social.com

Price: Free or optional premium

Owner: Jeff Long

Rating: 2/10

Product Overview:

GetPaid.Social is one of the newest and yet most unique services of its kind.  It’s roughly 6 months old and already their membership is north of 100,000 members. The premise of this service is that you earn money doing the social media tasks that you are already doing.  You get paid a penny or so to do online tasks and take surveys for free.

Tasks Include:

  • Viewing a website
  • Giving Quick feedback on a website or a video
  • Like a Facebook fan page
  • Share a Facebook post
  • Like a Facebook post
  • Join an email list
  • What do or don’t you like about a logo
  • Take a survey

They also have a free referral program where you can earn significantly more money from leveraging tasks that people who have signed up under you complete.


  • Simple premise and nice user interface.
  • Easy to use and understand
  • The tasks are varied and quick to execute.
  • They have just launched a survey marketplace for additional earning potential.
  • Jeff Long has good reputation in the industry


  • It’s very new and they have some bugs to work out.
  • It’s a lot of work for very little financial return.
  • I question the ethics of having to pay someone to like your facebook page, etc…

Who is GetPaid Social For?

It’s literally for anyone who wants to make a little extra cash by doing simple online tasks.

My Final Opinion:  Updated

They are not a scam per se, but rather a very young company working out several kinks.  About 4.5 months ago, they made an offer to get in on the ground floor with something called the Founders Group.  Essentially, you made a financial investment and were promised a cut of the revenue produced for certain programs within 60 days.

I foolishly made this investment and have not seen any of my money since.  I have asked their customer support for an update at least 6 times and never got a response.  Yesterday I got an automated response from their president basically saying that they can not afford to pay any commissions and they are retooling the idea.As of today, I decided to cancel my membership out of sheer frustration.  Maybe one day, they will live up to their promise, but today is not that day.

I am giving it a big thumbs down until they get their act together…A big waste of time sadly.

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UPDATED Review of GetPaid.Social – Too Good To Be True? YES!

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