The Real Reason I Keep Hearing About MOBE / MTTW…

MOBE stands for My Online Business Empire and MTTB stands for My Top Tier Business (The latter is the program itself and they seem to be used interchangeably.  The following review outlines the pro’s and con’s of this affiliate marketing programs.

 My Overall Ranking:

20% (out of 100%)

Owner:  Matt Lloyd
What is MOBE?

MOBE is a multi-tiered affiliate marketing program that promises very large commissions if you purchase their license and sell only their top tier products.  Although they emphasize their training and stellar results, this is still basically nothing more than a very expensive pyramid scheme.

Here is how it basically works:

  • You sign up for $49 and are assured a $500 money back guarantee within the first 30 days.
  • They assign you a coach that is meant to be your mentor and champion throughout the training process.
  • You think you are signing up for the 21 session training, unfortunately you only get 6 online lessons and then it stops.
  • That’s where the first upsell begins…to get to the 7th training module and beyond, your coach tells you that you have to buy a $1,997 license to continue.
  • Along the way, you are continuously asked for more money to “invest in your very own business”.
  • To be eligible to sell the top tier products, you must continue with a large outlay of money.
  • This program leverages paid advertising vs. organic SEO to build their client lists…once again another outlay of money is expected.
  • You get your own coach and mentor
  • You will learn to do paid search through their training
  • If you do sell a top tiered product, you can earn large commissions
  • Feels very much like a bait and switch
  • You can only sell their products
  • You are required to buy their license
  • They are in constant upsell mode and their sales approach feels high pressure
  • The licensee has to invest a significant amount of capital from their pockets

My Point of View:  Big SCAM!

I actually joined MOBE to check it out.  Luckily I only lost $49 that was never refunded to me.  The whole experience felt shady to me from the start.  I am an experienced digital marketer and my warning bells went off immediately.

I read bad review after bad review about the program.  If something sounds too good to be true…it is in fact not.  I feel that MOBE is preying on very naïve people who are desperate for quick money.

This is a big SCAM.  If you want to start a business online, focus your search on an organization gives you the best training and support.  That will give you the best chance at creating a sustainable and successful online business.



Product Review:   What’s Really Up With MOBE?

2 thoughts on “Product Review:   What’s Really Up With MOBE?

  • November 19, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    Well that settles that. I just heard about MOBE for the first time last week. This the first time I’ve seen any clarification on it, too. They sound shady enough to be illegal, but I guess there is a loop hole or the government is just not paying much attention right now. In any case, thanks for clearing things up for me.

    • November 19, 2015 at 5:20 pm

      As with any program, I imagine there are people making money with it. That said, I think all the upsell fees could be cost prohibitive to many.


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