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This year is being lauded as the year where visual storytelling and interactive video will be as important, if not more, as the words we write.  We are venturing into a whole new realm of multimedia content creation.  That is the reason that I wanted to share my favorite free content marketing tools.  With these tools, you can look forward to writing content that converts and creating stunning visuals for your online business.



4 Writing Tools That Will Make Producing Content Easy

750 Words

This is one of my favorite writing tools. I use it when I first get up in the morning and it really primes me to do long form content writing. The premise is that you write 750 words about anything that comes to mind in just one sitting. After that, your 750 words disappear and you start fresh the following day.

I promise you that doing this 5 days a week will improve both your writing skills, creativity and overall productivity for the day.   After about 3 weeks, you are going to look forward to waking up.  The caveat to this is that you will still need coffee.  Lately, I have been using it to record my dreams (what I remember at least).

woman researching


Not only does this tool correct grammar, but it also can identify plagiarism.  I have always considered myself a pretty good writer, until I started using grammarly.  It was very eye-opening the first time I used it.  I tend to write the way I talk to someone…interestingly my grammar doesn’t always translate to a more conversational style of writing.  That said, this is still one of the best tools that I have ever used!



This tool is actually a white noise generator. Studies have shown that small distractions can actually increase focus and productivity.  I can believe the researchers have it correct and some background noise is helpful.  My theory is that as you are tuning out the white noise, it actually elevates your focus.  What I find most interesting is that it recreates the ambient noise you hear at your favorite coffee shop (i.e. Starbucks for me).

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1208" src=" go right here.jpg” alt=”coffee” width=”240″ height=”159″ />


Hemingway Editor

I like to use this tool in combination with Grammarly.  Like the great writer himself, this tool critiques your writing so that it is clear, concise, and bold for your reader.  They have just come out with a new version that unfortunately isn’t free, but you get some excellent bells and whistles for a nominal amount.


Now let’s move on to visual content…
4 Visual Content Creation Tools That Will Make You Look Like a Design Pro!


I can’t say enough good things about Canva!  It allows me to bring my pictures to life with some very handy illustration tools that bring the art of design to everyone.  Some of the features they offer are stock photos for only a dollar, a vast array of templates to use, text styles and image enhancement.  Here’s a sample of a some fun work I did on Canva:


I like to duck and cover (1)


Pixlr is an amazing image editor tool and is a little more sophisticated than Canva.  You can tell right away that it was built by creatives for creatives.  That said, it is actually very intuitive and user-friendly even for beginners.  The free version is still loaded with all different types of very cool features.  They have a wonderful sidebar that boasts an impressive selection of tools, filters, and fades.  I plan on doing a review of Pixlr very soon.



Infographics are a must have for your visual tool kit.  The best infographic creator that I have found so far is Picktochart.  This tool is both easy to use and more importantly, it creates beautiful infographics.  Did you know that infographics are shared 3x more than any other content on social media?



This nifty tool allows you to create an image or infographic that’s clickable and interactive.  In addition, it does the same for video creation.  I have found that it’s an especially good tool for social media.



And here are 3 BONUS Productivity Tools that are well worth exploring…


Picture this, a free tool that actually limits your time surfing the web…StayFocused is a free Chrome extension that allows you to choose which websites you want to restrict and for how long…I just gained back 2 hours!



Rescue Time actually tracks where on the web you are spending most of your time. Here’s the kicker, it also shows you what hours you are most productive. Seems a bit big brother like, but I’m curious to see the results.



This is a great way to capture and save your ideas all in one place. They offer a free version that works very well. A nice little feature is that you can record ideas, blogs, etc…and they are transcribed into written form. You can even upload different types of attachments and it syncs across all your devices.



I hope this blog post has given you a jump on 2016!  You really need to check them out…I personally gained back 3.5 hours to my day and roughly 24 hours to my week with these tools.  Yes, you read that right…I have literally created an entire 8th day!

If you have some other tools that you would like to share, please leave me a comment below.



The Top 11 Free Writing & Visual Content Marketing Tools

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    Thank you for such an informative and interesting article! It was a simple & effective post. It was easy to read and had some very interesting topics, and content that I didn’t even know about. I know for a fact that I’ll definitely be looking up some of your recommendations. I also like the overall look of your blog. Its clean and simple and a visitor won’t be bombarded with adverts all over the place. Great job!

    • February 2, 2016 at 10:27 pm

      Thanks Justin! I’m so glad that you found the tips helpful!


  • October 27, 2016 at 10:34 am

    Some pretty neat options you’ve included here – most of which I’ve never come across before!!
    I quite like the sound of 750 words – I suppose it would work wonders if you could stick to your niche topic every morning (killing two birds with one stone).
    Have used grammarly before – cool tool if you suffer from poor English

    • October 28, 2016 at 5:32 pm

      750 words is a great tool…in theory you can create a blog a day with it.

      Thanks for your comments!


  • November 2, 2016 at 10:32 am

    most of my leisure time i use to waste it on parting and doing unnecessary things than generating income for myself . and with this free content marketing i have found it more useful and willing to follow to follow thoroughly

    thanks for the information provided and please keep me updated with more information


    • November 4, 2016 at 12:56 am

      Thanks Jose…I’m so glad you found it helpful!



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