Here are some of my favorite free tools to stop writer’s block…

writers block

750 Words

I seriously love this tool!  Picture this, when get up each more you just sit and write 750 words about anything…spelling and grammar don’t matter.  The idea is to form the habit of writing daily.  It could literally be anything.  Lately, I have been writing about some bizarre dreams I have been having…or at least what I can remember.  By the time you need to focus on your blogs you are already limbered up and ready to go.

Zen Pen

Zen Pen is essentially a simple, distraction free writing tool.  The point is that you can write your flow of consciousness to get your creative juices moving again.  The key is its simplicity in that it is really just a blank web page.


This free tool is the ultimate in grammar correction.  It fixes 250 different types of errors so your writing is much clearer and of course, grammatically correct.  It also has a contextual spell checker built in.  I think this tool is essential for any serious blogger.

Hemingway App

This nifty tool will actually analyze your writing and show you where you need improvements.  I have found it to be pretty good at removing extraneous language and help getting straight to the point.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

I love to use Portents when I need a really good laugh…sometimes they are right on target…sometimes they are not.  They are always interesting, amusing and out of the box.  It usually shakes me out of my writers block funk.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

All you need to do is type in 3 nouns related to a topic and this tool will generate a week’s worth of solid content ideas.  The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.  I think it works very well.

Blog Engage

This site is unique in that you can find out about which topics bloggers in your niche space are writing about cymbalta medication.  It’s a great way to identify the most popular topics being written about.  I like to think of it as instant inspiration.


Buzzsumo helps you find the best top content being published in your niche.  Suppose you have some keywords that you think will rank high.  BuzzSumo will identify the most shared content related to those keywords.  This powerful type of information will give you the competitive edge when you are writing your content.  You can also just put in a topic and see how many likes it has on social media.  The topic with the most amount of likes is therefore a very popular topic to write about.


Topsy is uniquely designed to help you analyze and search the social web. You can put in any word and then view its trends on Topsy Analytics.  They also have several features including a filter so you can better refine your search.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs Content Explorer tool helps find the most shared types of content for a wide range of endless topics. You can create high-value content pieces that reflect the current interests of your niche audience.

This tool will help you curate high value content. has an impressive collection of articles, videos and photography.  It’s a very easy tool to use to simplify the generally laborious work of content creation.  I am personally of the mind that curated content should be used 10% of the time and the other 90% should be your own authentic voice.

Free Tools to End Writer’s Block