Choosing a Compelling Domain Name – Tutorial 2

Before we jump into a discussion on how to choose the perfect domain name, I would like to recap where we are at so far…

As a recap of our first tutorial, we focused on researching and developing a niche that you are passionate about. What I have learned in this process is the more tightly focused your niche, the better.  For example, you may cheap jerseys love to travel, but that is a very wide topic.  Start thinking of specific aspects of travel that you are drawn webbplats! to. One of my friends loves to stay at B & Bs wherever she travels.  A tightened up niche could be weekend getaways that highlight B & Bs in The United States.

That said, the basis of any successful online business is a compelling website that speaks to the needs of the audience you are targeting. You need to build the site as if Market? you are standing directly in their shoes. And sincephotographer you cheap jerseys niche is based on something you really like, you can identify more with your audience.

Tutorial 2:  How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

Before we run off and buy a domain name, let’s give some more thought to your ideal customer.  This section will better prepare you for how to pick a great domain name for your website and blog.

How Well Do You Really Know Your Target Audience?

This is the million dollar question!

If we knew our audience inside and out, it would make a massive shift in the way we approach getting our domain and creating customized content. The reason is simple. We would only need to create content that would specifically resonate with your ideal customer.  Your message would always be on target.

Then how come the majority of our visitors don’t become customers as quickly as we would like? My theory is that we might not know our target audience quite as well as we think. Knowing them in more depth will help guide you to create much more meaningful and relevant content and improve your conversion cycles.  You will notice that we will keep going back to this point about really knowing your audience.  It literally will affect every stage of the process of building your successful online business.

Now it is time to jump into the process of finding a compelling domain name…

Your next step in the process is to find a domain name for your website that speaks to SNIPING your audience.  My first question when I went through this process was an obvious one:  Where do I go to get a domain name? Are there tools out there that can help me?

Before you rush right out and buy a domain name, there are some great domain name research tool out there. I have just listed a few of my favorite tools to get you started…

  • NameJet Augenfalter – NameJet is a domain name generator service with exclusive inventory of some of the most in demand domains.  Definitely worth a look.
  • DomainsBot – A domain name search engine that will not only give available domain suggestions, but also search expired, expiring and for sale domain names.
  • IWantMyName – I added them because they also include many of the new domain name extensions in their search capabilities.  This is a trend you should watch…more and more organizations are buying vanity extensions versus just .com.  For example, many retailers during the holiday season add “.blackfriday” to their extension versus a .com.
  • Wordoid – I’ve included them because they have a unique spin on things…they use made up words as their main hook.  This is a fun one to play with, even though I am partial to domain names that are more descriptive in nature.  Keep in mind, it worked for Google and Twitter…

For buying a domain name, I personally like NameCheap and Go Daddy.  NameCheap has less bells and whistles and is generally less expensive than Go Daddy, but both wholesale jerseys will get the job done for you.  As a side note, I will be doing a detailed review of both in in the very near future.  In my opinion, Go Daddy has much better customer service because I can always talk to a live person.  NameCheap has virtual chat, which I find as a rule always seems to take longer than talking to an actual customer service representative.

There Are 4 Key Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Domain Name…             
  1. It should match as closely as it can to the topic/brand of your website.  It should be fairly intuitive to the reader what the site is all about.
  2. The domain name should be short, simple and memorable.  As a rule, keep it to 10-12 characters if you can (as you can see, I ended up with a very long domain name…it still works fine).
  3. Always choose a .com extension if possible because it lends more credibility versus a .net.  Keep an eye out for Actie unusual extensions like “blackfriday”…vanity extensions are the next trend.  See my notes above.
  4. Search to make sure that the domain name is not already trademarked.  A simple search can save you a lot of legal headaches in the end.
  5. If you have your heart set on a certain domain name that appears to be taken, check out sites like Flippa to see if someone is selling a great name.  There is also a good appraisal tool out there named EstiBot if you want to know what your domain name is worth on the open market.  I recently found out that a domain name I bought 3 years ago for 99 cents is now worth $500!  There is even an entire niche built around buying and selling domain names.
Here is what I recommend you to do before the next tutorial…

1.  Finish up the persona of your ideal customer in your niche.

2.  Research and buy a domain name that will resonate with your target niche audience.

In our next tutorial, we will discussing The Anatomy of a Great Website…

website pic

See you soon!



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The Art & Science of Choosing a Compelling Domain Name

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