The following includes some of my favorite free tools to help you spark ideas for your domain name:

  • NameJet – NameJet is a domain name generator service with exclusive inventory of some of the most in demand domains.
  • DomainsBot – A domain name search tool engine that will not only give available domain suggestions, but also search expired, expiring and for sale domain names.
  • IWantMyName – I added them because they also include many of the new domain name extensions in their search capabilities.
  • Wordoid – I’ve included them because they have a unique spin on things…they use made up words as their main hook.

 Here are my favorite sites for buying a domain name

For buying a domain name, I personally like NameCheap and Go Daddy.  domain pic

NameCheap has less bells and whistles and is generally less expensive than Go Daddy, but both will get the job done for you.  As a side note, I will be doing a detailed review of both in the very near future.