Product Review:  CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
What is CoSchedule Headline Analyzer?
  • Simply put, it’s a free tool that will analyze, score and grade your headlines for maximum impact.
  • It will teach you how to create a great headline based on proven scientific research.
  • The Headline Analyzer looks for a balance of types of words in 4 categories: common words, uncommon words, emotional words and power words.
  • It also provides you with examples of those trigger words, as well as a critique on your headline length.
  • For example, optimal headlines should be roughly 55 characters long and 6 words long.
  • Another feature is that it looks at words that standout when your readers glances at the headline.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

My Score:
  • 98% (out of 100%)

  • Garrett Moon
  • Justin Walsh
  • Free!!!
  • Easy to use
  • Full of outstanding advice
  • Extra helpful tips provided along the process
  • Provides a large list of “power” words to choose from
  • Allows you to try unlimited combinations of titles
  • Provides very thorough analysis of your headline options
  • Presents information in an easy to understand through engaging visuals
  • Analyzer also provides some suggested keywords
  • Good customer support
  • This headline analyzer is a tough taskmaster – it can get frustrating
  • It could take up to 15 versions before you achieve a great rating
  • You need to be very patient when you are tweaking your headline
Let Me Share With You What I Have Learned:
  • Positive emotional words work better than fear words (they provide a nice cheat sheet on this)…Examples include:
    • Free
    • Remarkable
    • Empower
    • Powerful
    • revolutionary
    • quick advice to suddenly
    • startling easy
    • the truth about
    • Easy
    • Simple
    • Delightful
    • Amazing
    • Must have
    • Essential
  • Lists tend to pull better results than other types of headlines
  • 55 characters with 6 words is optimal
  • A few good words to start your title with include:
    • How to…
    • Boost your…
    • 11 Tips to…
    • The real truth about…
The Bottom-line:
  • It flat out works…I literally doubled my post views by tweaking a blog title.  Check out this real example of a title I used last week:  “Triple Your Conversion Rates:  9 of the Best Proven Ways”

Analyzer Title

Score of 84% is considered very good…

Analyzer Score

A+ is the highest grade you can get…


Analyzer Grade


Although my word count is too high, it didn’t hurt performance…

Analyzer Word Count

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