Blogging trends  – Blogging with the big boys!

A really interesting study just came oblogging cartoonut in late September from Orbit Media in Chicago. The purpose of the study was to highlight the latest trends and tactics of the top 1,000 bloggers in the United States.

I love studies like this because they help me stay on top of trends and challenge me to improve my blogging skills. I wanted to share with you some interesting trends that emerged…

  • Bloggers are spending more time on their posts than last year and really focusing on quality vs. quantity. This seems to be driven by the sheer amount of blog competition out there.
  • In terms of timing, well over 50% of bloggers are publishing weekly. Far fewer are publishing daily than last year.
  • Guest blogging and collaboration between bloggers is still very popular. It makes a lot of sense if you share an audience and are looking to build credibility.
  • Bloggers are getting more sophisticated in their use of promotion channels. There is a definite upswing in search, email, paid, and influencer marketing. The “pay for traffic” channels are skyrocketing.
  • There is an uptick in the use of analytics and data.
  • Content is getting longer, more relevant, and having an increased depth on a topic. Seems like the optimal length of a blog is now around 1,500 words.
  • Images and lists are the most popular formats for blog content. Oddly the use of video is trending downward. I think because videos may be harder to embed in the blogs. The use of infographics is also on the upswing.


I will continue to update tips and trends so you will have all the latest and greatest information at your finger tips!