Welcome to Your Online Path to Wealth (and much, much more)

My name is Ruth and just a few years ago I would never have thought that at 52, I would be starting my own online business.  Like many of my peers over 50, I found myself laid off from a company I really enjoyed working at.version ruth - sepia and red

Finding a great new opportunity took a bit longer than I intended (sound familiar to anyone, particularly those of us over 50?).  I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and spent my career in marketing helping grow all different types of organizations.

I have a strong background in digital marketing and business strategy, and my friends were encouraging me to start a little consulting business.  After much procrastination, I slowly, but surely began building a successful business and was looking for ways to expand.

On a friend’s advice, I starting researching all the different ways to make income online.   I am a very practical person and evaluated several programs.  Sad to say that many of them turned out to be scams!  Good thing I didn’t sign up for them.

And then out of nowhere, I received a link from my friend telling me about the Wealthy Affiliate program.  Yes, I admit that I ignored it for awhile…and then just to humor my friend, I signed up for free.  That’s literally when my world changed…not only wasn’t it a scam, but rather a very comprehensive and powerful training platform. 

What I especially like about it is that it is up to you to decide what path you want to follow based on your hobbies and passions…and that becomes the business you build. And yes, it is a credible organization, with the best support I have ever experienced.

Even better is the generosity of the thousands of successful Wealthy Affiliate members worldwide…Through their daily advice and encouragement, I’m more energized and creative than I have been in years!

I am not looking to become a millionaire from this, but I am having a blast and supplementing my income.  This   experience has opened up a new world for me.  Over the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing tips with you that I have learned along the way.