19417627754_62d225265d_mHere is a quick tip for you…always use this type of checklist when building out your content marketing strategy.  

1. Can Your Target Audience Find Your Content?

  • Add at least 2 tags
  • Link your content to related content
  • Metadata – include title, descriptor and keywords
  • Add alt tags when you use images

2. Have You Made the Content Easily Readable?

  • Break the content up into smaller nuggets
  • Use headers to break up the content and emphasize a point
  • Bullet lists and numbers are easy to read and digest

3. Does the Content Make Sense to the Reader?

  • Make sure it fits within the context of the message you are trying to get across
  • Adding video and other media can help tell the story
  • Always have a hook – say something in an original voice that intrigues the reader

4. How Do You Make Sure the Reader Takes Action?

  • Include a strong and direct call to action
  • Make sure you have a comments section
  • Provide links to related content
  • Give the reader the ability to easily share the content with others